Great flag rising ceremony of Vietnam's Kilo class subs in Cam Ranh Bay

In the morning of April 3rd, 2014 Vietnam holds national flag rising ceremony of its first 2 Kilo class subs named HQ-182 Hanoi and HQ-183 Ho Chi Minh City submarines in Cam Ranh Bay.

Vietnam received two submarines on Thursday and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that it marked new development of Vietnamese navy and army.

Dung made the remarks at a national flag-raising ceremony to the two Russia-made Kilo class submarines held in central Cam Ranh port on Thursday.

The ceremony draws participation of various Vietnamese senior officials, Russian ambassador to Vietnam as well as attention of local people, state-run news agency VNA reported.

The prime minister directly awarded the national flags to two captains of HQ-182 Hanoi and HQ-183 Ho Chi Minh City submarines, saying that in the coming time, four more modern submarines will be included in Vietnam's navy namely Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, and Ba Ria Vung Tau.

The submarines have an over 3,000-ton displacement, and are able to operate at a maximum depth of 300 meters and at a speed of 20 nautical miles per hour with over 50 crew members. They are said to be equipped with six 533 mm torpedo tubes, torpedoes and 3M-54 Klub submarine-launched anti-ship missile on board, according to VNA.

The submarines, delivered to Vietnam followed a contract signed in 2009 during Vietnamese prime minister's visit to Russia's Moscow for the purchase of six diesel-powered 636 Kilo-class submarines.

According to Soha News and Global Times


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