Vietnam received two superior Su-30MK2 fighter

Two new Russian-made Vietnam Air Force Su-30MK2 has been disassembled for shipping to Vietnam on August 6th.

Interfax-AVN citing sources in the Russian aviation industry said Thursday, two new multifunctional fighter Su-30MK2, built for the Vietnam People's Air Force with hull numbers 8814 and 8815, has been disassembled and put up a super-heavy transport aircraft An-124-100 before traveling to Vietnam in the last Wednesday (August 6th).

Sources said, here are the two 5th and 6th Su-30MK2 Russia handed over to Vietnam within the framework of a contract to supply 12 aircrafts of this type was signed in May 8 - 2013. The 4 first ones (bearing number 8581, 8582, 8583 and 8584) have been delivered to Vietnam People's Air Force in October and May - 2014.

As planned Russian side was revealed earlier, 6 fighter remainder will continue to be delivered to Vietnam before the end of 2015, bringing the total number of advanced fighters of this type is equipped for Vietnam Air Force with up to 36 pcs.


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